That’s Not What I Meant

10 08 2010

Today I took the kids to Farm Country at Thanksgiving Point. My friend, “Karen”, and I like to take our kids to Thanksgiving Point on Tuesdays in August because admission is only $2 per person. Yes, we’re awesomely cheap, though not so cheap that we’re willing to wait 45 minutes in the line for the Museum of Ancient Life.

Telling you where we went serves no purpose other than to share with you my favorite find:

It’s the elusive Emo Alpaca!

We also learned how chores get done around the farm:

It's not just me, right? This is weird.

And how many children can ride a cow at the same time:

Farm Country was fun and all, but apart from Little G biting some random little girl (whoops), there really wasn’t enough embarrassment for my taste, so we packed up the kids and went to McDonald’s. This particular McDonald’s has a Musical PlayPlace, which is a nice departure from the regular ways kids try to kill each other at indoor playgrounds.

Again, beside the point. I’m not doing well at staying on topic tonight.

When we walked in, the kids immediately gravitated to the display of toys available in Happy Meals. McDonald’s is currently doing one of those promotions where they have different toys for boys and girls. I ordered a Happy Meal for Big G. The teenage boy taking my order asked, “Boy or girl?” Of course, Big G is a boy. But I consulted with him, and he decided he wanted a Littlest Pet Shop toy instead of a Marvel Comics toy. So I’m forced to tell the cashier, “Girl.” He and his coworker, teen boy #2, snicker a little bit. Whatever. I order a second Happy Meal. “Boy or girl?” I look at Little G. “Girl.”

At this point the two teenagers are practically guffawing, and I’ve started to giggle a little bit as well. It’s pretty ridiculous. I finish my order, and teen boy #2 says, “Do you need a toy too?” I laugh, and say, “Sure, I’ll have a boy toy.”

I stop. I look at them. They look at me. “Erm…I didn’t mean that like it sounded. Really.”

Teen boy #2: “I don’t think we sell those here, but I can check in back.”

Why yes, I did inadvertently proposition a teenage boy (or two) today. Thanks for asking!




9 responses

16 08 2010

I found you through Mormon Mommy Blogs. This post was just what I needed before I went to bed. I love the emo alpaca! So funny! I am glad to know I am not the only one who says inappropriate things. Once at the gas station when I went in to pay for my gas I told the clerk “:I have gas”. He responded with “Im sorry, we have rolaids over there!” So embarassing

16 08 2010

Just found you from MMB, and got the best laugh I’ve had all day! I love that you propositioned two boys at McDonalds- so sounds like something I would do!

11 08 2010

mwahahahahahaha! you’re such a perv, jenny. i once had a teenage wendy’s employee named juan hit on me. hilarious. and that alpaca has a justin bieber haircut.

11 08 2010

Hmm…I just checked, and apparently Bieber has no affiliation with Disney, so the emo alpaca is not an attempt to promote some sort of sequel to “The Emperor’s New Groove” starring Justin instead of David Spade. Thank goodness.

11 08 2010

this brought joy to my heart, beginning with the emo alpaca!

11 08 2010

Children suck your brain cells out. You’ll get used to saying inappropriate things after spending any time with only kids. Now you know why I’ve said some of the stuff I’ve said. . .

11 08 2010

LOL! Awesome.

11 08 2010

That’s funnY!

11 08 2010

Ok, that is really a hoot. Sounds like something I’d end up saying. Awkward. =)

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