Mundane Monday – 8/9/10

9 08 2010

I’ll remind you yet again to let me know what fantastic common things happened during the past week!

  • I went to a Rush concert
  • I found the car charger for my phone. Shut up. I was really bummed it was lost. And yes, my dad actually found it, not me, but still. You see my point.
  • Speaking of my phone, I changed my ringtone to “Walk This Way” by Run DMC and Aerosmith.
  • We went to a new playgroup for Little G, designed to help with his language skills. I’m excited to go back!

    He spent about half the time in the ball pit.

  • Big G showed me how to exercise.
  • Car turned 36 on Friday and we had a fun little family party, complete with a visit from my amazing cousin Sunny, who will be in Utah for the next month. Hooray!
  • Today is 8-9-10, which is kind of fun.
  • Little G spent some time with Grandma’s piano.

    He started the set with something low-key...

    ...then he started to really get his groove on...

    ...leading to the adorable grand finale.

    That’s all I’ve got for this week. I know other fantastic stuff happened, but my brain is broken. Next week I’ll do better. Pinky swear!

    My life is awesomely average.




6 responses

10 08 2010

I’m a day late but:
I have an awesoem 13 year old and I’m glad he’s back from his dads
football hasn’t killed my son yet
Hero is s monster and and angel all rolled into one
MIL is feeling better so less stress for me
pictures of my nephew playing the piano at grandmas 🙂

10 08 2010

I slept 10 hours Sunday night, took ma 2 hour nap with Little G Monday afternoon, and felt tired enough to fall asleep Monday night without any problem! Kids may tire you out, but I think they kill old people; I’d be dead if it were a permanent thing.

However, the very BEST part of last week was seeing everyone here at the house, swinging on the swings, eating the beans grown in our garden, blowing bubbles, jumping in the jump castle, and generally just being part of life! I sure love all of you, Sunny included!

Downside: I’ve been craving carrot cake ever since last Friday. . .

10 08 2010

Hey, I’m the one who found your car charger, not Dad! You were just convinced that it wasn’t your car charger. The one Dad found was mine, which I had left in your car. But I guess that would be a bit much to explain in a blog post.

To add to your list, I had a 10-hour drive with my wife and 3 kids from Orem to Albuquerque, but the kids were wonderfully behaved and the scenery was absolutely beautiful from all the recent rain and big puffy clouds. It’s just too bad I had to leave the rest of you guys.

10 08 2010

~This week I decided that contrary to my thoughts. I’m actually not failing at therapy.
~That there are more blessings in my life then there are (perceived) punishments.
~That maybe Heavenly Father is actually trying to talk to me. And that he does care about me and hasn’t forgotten about me.

Love ya!!

10 08 2010

-reading your blog post
-making progress on the garage/stamp room renovation
-dog sitting… 4 is too many!
-adjusting to having to cable
-trying to convince myself I need to get off my butt in order to lose 30+ lbs.
-finished my book and found a new one.
-rode my motorcycle to the library… it’s been too hot to bother when I have a car with A/C
-naps… need I say more.

10 08 2010

I meant having no cable!

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