I’m an American Citizen

8 08 2010

Today I received an e-mail with this image:

Strangely, I don’t see:

12. I’m walking down the street.

Good for you, Judge Susan Bolton.

Adding five exclamation points doesn’t change the fact that your punctuation should be a question mark. (Example: Why would you send me this e-mail!!!!! How are you even related to me!!!!!) It also doesn’t make your superfluous comma acceptable. (Example: Why do people, write these things!!!!!) And while I’m being nit-picky, items 3-11 don’t need the word “when” because you already used it in the header for your list. I like it when people with whom I disagree sound stupid. Yes, it’s juvenile, but it makes me happy.

FYI, as best I can tell, the vast majority of my customers (American citizens or otherwise) don’t believe they must show ID when obtaining certain prescription drugs or making purchases.

I’d be more coherent, but I need to go cook dinner for my mother-in-law.

*Two days in a row with no writing errors. WordPress Proofreader, you complete me.




9 responses

17 08 2010

Loved the grammar editing. It, made me, smile. (rule: inset comma when you pause in speech).

10 08 2010
La Yen

I thought of you as I pulled out my ID to get a refund.

Also, as an Incredibly White Person, the ID thing doesn’t bother me one bit. You know, because I am The Man.

But my husband is FURIOUS. Because he is certain that our daughter is going to get stopped in Arizona one day and deported. Because he is Venezuelan. (We do not live in Arizona. She is half white and half Indian, but that makes no difference to him. Our son, who actually has the Latin in him is just as white as me. So he and I will visit the two of them at the detention centers, I guess. With our IDs.)

10 08 2010

People these days…

10 08 2010
angry brown person

i would also like to point out that showing id in these instances is not to prove that you are a legal u.s. citizen. nobody is going to report you to the i.c.e. people if you forget your license in these situations. unless you’re brown, of course.

9 08 2010

Why do you even open your mail from Aunt M? I LOVE you pointing out the irritating mistakes. Check out the editorial in today’s Deseret News.

8 08 2010

Love this! Oh the joy of family with VERY different value systems.

8 08 2010

Love #12.

I hope your Aunt reads your blog… 😉

8 08 2010
Kristina P.

I am a little sad that you are now a statistic. Did you just make it 69% that will send it on? (It’s a good thing I am a mature adult, or I would have totally giggled when I typed “69.”)

8 08 2010

Love this post!

And don’t forget to add: 13. I’m not white enough.

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