Help Me Pay My Mortgage!

3 08 2010

I’m adding something new to my page. Exciting, ain’t it?

Here’s the deal: I’ve never done advertising on this blog. It’s not that I’m morally opposed to it or anything–it’s just that I’m not a huge blogger (except, of course, in my own mind) and people aren’t pounding down the door to pay me for ad space. I know, right? What’s wrong with these people?

Today I’m adding an advertiser to my sidebar, and I want to be perfectly clear why I’ve chosen this particular advertiser: I make money while you save money. How sweet is that? I’d say it’s a win-win situation, but every time someone uses that phrase I want to punch them in the face, so we’ll just call it a mutually beneficial arrangement.

I don’t know if you’ve used CityDeals before, but it’s pretty awesome. My family bought half-price tickets for our ride on the Heber Valley Railroad. Right now CityDeals is offering gift cards for Azalea Salon and Day Spa (where my awesome stylist Chelsea Jamet works). You can buy a $50 gift card for $22.50. And yes, I clicked on my own link and bought the maximum number of gift cards allowed. I’m smart like that.

So, long story short: Click on the CityDeals button on the right. Save money. Earn me money. It’s all good, right?

And since you’ve made it through my sales pitch, a little something extra. I saw my psychiatrist today, He’s a great person and a fantastic doctor. He basically told me that I need to view my depression as an opponent. Instead of sitting back and coping, I can face it head-on, just like I would a real-life attacker. Dishes piling up, laundry all over the couch, bathroom a mess? Stop sitting in the corner, feeling overwhelmed and hopeless. HI-YA! Karate chop those dishes to the curb. (Not literally. I can’t afford new dishes. Unless you buy a lot of CityDeals stuff.) My plan for tonight: do the dishes. Yes, there are horrifying fruit flies all over the place and they’re icky and creepy-crawly, but they aren’t going anywhere unless I get rid of the mess. Perhaps tomorrow the mildew in the shower will feel my wrath.

One final note: Sometimes my sense of humor might possibly be a little low-brow. Yes, sometimes. Shut up. At the end of my psychiatrist appointment, he was discussing the hole I’ve dug myself into, depression-wise. I mentioned writing about my depression for this blog. He thought that was good, and then went on to say, “You’ve focused enough on your hole. It’s time to stop talking about your hole. Write about things that lift you up. Your hole has had enough attention.”


*Hey, WordPress Proofreader? Yeah, I did mean hole. Not whole. Seriously, this homophone thing may drive me to drink. Not really, though. It’s just an expression. Also? CityDeals doesn’t think you exist. So there!




11 responses

7 08 2010

…and thank you for the little ‘plug’ you gave me!! i love you Jenn!! Sounds like I’ll get to see you more often…yay! You’re good for my SOUL!

4 08 2010

hee hee hee. Oh I am gonna laugh for the rest of the day. …

4 08 2010

I’m going to get railroad tickets from you! THanks!

4 08 2010
Abigail @ Skywaitress

Just when I read “Your hole has had enough attention” it made me giggle. You should get a medal for keeping a straight face. Or maybe I’m just a 12 year old boy at heart. Either way.

I also love the advice he gave you. I may try to employ that advice on my house tomorrow. Things are overwhelming here to say the least. Thanks for the free therapy!

3 08 2010

I would have giggled too!! Maybe I’ll tease him on Saturday! Love ya!!

3 08 2010

“Dishes piling up, laundry all over the couch, bathroom a mess? Stop sitting in the corner, feeling overwhelmed and hopeless.” OMG this is so me!!! ADD makes me just so overwhelmed by the mess/task that I don’t even know where to begin – so I avoid it & ignore it. But I’m on Pristiq so there’s some depression in there somewhere too!!

I’m not a trained professional head shrinker or anything but I’m not sure your hole can ever have too much attention. LOL!!

3 08 2010

Oh yes, and you should be getting something from your ad. Just clicked and signed up for deals. 🙂

3 08 2010

LOL! Your hole has had enough attention. I would have laughed right out loud for sure. 🙂

3 08 2010
Kristina P.

Your psychiatrist sounds great.

And I treat anxiety the way you treat depression. You need to face the fear head on, because it continues to grow if you avoid. I’m still working on it with some areas I feel claustrophobic, but overall, I’m good.

3 08 2010

Haha…you said hole. Apparently I need to grow up. So…I like what Dr. Make Me Right said. Kind of ironic what my blog post was about today because I thought of you after I wrote it. I thought, “I hope I didn’t offend Jenny with it.” Because I didn’t touch on depression in there and how real it is and I probably should have but I don’t feel like writing anymore today. Anyway…now I feel like I’m over-explaining.

3 08 2010

i saw my psychiatrist last week and i think i scared him. oops! but then we both know i can be a little scary.

good luck with the dishes. i totally get that. TOTALLY! (maybe it’s a jen with holes thing)?

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