Mundane Monday – 8/2/10

2 08 2010

August already? This summer is zipping by. On the plus side, Big G is back at preschool at the end of the month. Can I get a big hooray?

As always, let me know what made you happy this week. I’m sure you can tell from yesterday’s post I could use a little pick-me-up!

  • The lost photos were retrieved from my crashed external hard drive. Yay!
  • We went to Hogle Zoo.

See Little G in the background? Guess what he did with that sippy cup? Yeah. Kids are so predictable.

  • During said zoo trip, Big G uttered the timeless phrase, “Pick me up so I can smell the hole!”

I have no idea what the zookeepers were thinking.

Little G thought the entire experience was thrilling!

  • My dad celebrated his 60th birthday. I’m sure he’s thrilled I’m sharing that with you. Love you, dad!
  • I got stuck in traffic, which was awful until I spotted this gem:

I love America and all, but this seems a bit excessive.

  • My brother-in-law referred to my blog as “impressive.” Not to my face, of course. Baby steps.
  • I attended an event called the Cupcake Conference, where I spent time with a lovely group of women, ate cupcakes, and participated in a cupcake-decorating competition. Which I lost, but still. See my cute little cupcake there on the far right?

Shut up. It's adorable.

  • We sold the pimp-mobile!
  • My neighbors moved (they’ll be living in a hotel until they can occupy their new place). That actually sucks, because I really like them. But it led to this gem from Big G: “We need to move next to the hotel so I don’t miss Carson.” Awww!
  • Little G wore a tie to church.

Seriously, could he be any cuter?

  • After church, Big G used the potty and told me he peed “like a Good Samaritan.” I have absolutely no idea what that means, but…yay?

My life is beautifully average.




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3 08 2010
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[…] before, but it’s pretty awesome. My family bought half-price tickets for our ride on the Heber Valley Railroad. Right now CityDeals is offering gift cards for Azalea Salon and Day Spa (where my awesome […]

3 08 2010

Big Deal. We got trucks here with American AND Confederate flags on ’em. ALL OVER THEM. No mufflers, but by God they have flags. You should come visit.

PS: Big G is such a handsome kid, but little G is honestly the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life. He really doesn’t look entirely human…and I mean that as the highest compliment possible. He’s “baby panda bear sneezing cute”.

3 08 2010

peed like a good samaritan? oh big g, thou art eloquent beyond thy years.
ok, little g looks ridiculously gq. he is the next james bond!
i ate a bacon cheeseburger with mushrooms and avocados, and i didn’t even throw up! big people food is awesome!

3 08 2010

I got to see my long lost friend at the ZOO!!!! And it is 8 am and BOTH my girls are still sleeping!

2 08 2010

I’ve been crocheting this amigurumi monkey for Isaac’s birthday and now I’m making clothes for it… it looks awesomely cute!

2 08 2010

Love the pic of Little G; thank you!
This is the most un-mundane Monday since my mom had a hysterectomy on Friday and was able to walk around the block today! Here’s hoping the pathology report is mundane next Monday!
Thank you so much for putting yourself up there!

2 08 2010

Love the smelling the hole. . .but grosses me out, seriously how many little noses have been up there, and how many of them are snotty. ewww…..
-Saw a beautiful sunset on the way home from work Sunday morning.
-Saved a patients life, she coded.
-5 year old said, you know your my favoritest mom.

2 08 2010

– Long naps
– I got to a point in my book where I don’t want to put it down.
– Got surprised by a friend that made me think she was at home in Vegas.

2 08 2010

Peed like a good Samaritan…that is beyond awesome. I so want to high-five him right now.

My Mundane Life:
I volunteered in an Ironman triathalon and was awed at how inspiring the athletes were.
I watched a great friend finish the triathalon.
I cried for a stranger who crossed the finish line and was overcome with emotion.
When I got home on Sunday, Ava ran and leapt into my arms.
I got the keys to MY house!

2 08 2010

Mmmm… cupcakes! And I’m still giggling at the peeing like a Good Samaritan. Ha!
Hmmm… what made me happy this week… big hugs and taking a nap with Paige. Seriously. Those are some good, simple moments 🙂

2 08 2010

“Peed like a good Samaritan”!! Wow! That’s fabulous. I didn’t know you sold the pimp-mobile. Good for you!!!

Wonderful moments from last week: falling asleep with “angelic” little G who insisted that his head be on MY pillow. He’s like sleeping with a hot-water bottle, but oh so cute when I would peek at him. His Sunday hair-do, by the way, is way cute!

Laughing until I cried at Sariah’s view of the world; it’s quite frightening!

2 08 2010
Kristina P.

He is one adorable kid!

2 08 2010
Mrs. Organic

“…so I can smell the hole.” Made me laugh. It’s like I’m 5 yrs old.

2 08 2010

U never fail me, woman! I always know I will get a pee-your-pants laughing momentt when I read your blog!! I love your sense of humor! When are we going to hang out…outside the salon? For real!!! We could have some F-U-N!

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