It is Sunday

1 08 2010

It is Sunday, and I am sad.

I wake up. Big G throws a fit because he wants a toy for peeing in the potty. That’s not how it works, I tell him. You must earn quarters and buy your toys. He is angry and hides behind the door. I tell him if he doesn’t flush the toilet, put on a pull-up, and wash his hands, he won’t get a good boy point.

He continues sulking.

I flush the toilet, which triggers an apoplectic fit in my 4-year-old. He hits me.

I am angry.

I finish typing the bulletin for church, throw on a skirt, and rush over to the chapel to make copies. I see people from my congregation. We smile and wave. They ask how I’m doing, and I tell them I’m great.

I am lying.

I drive home and help dress the boys for church. I put diapers and wipes in a bag, pick out some books and toys. I take pictures of Little G because he’s wearing a tie for the first time and I am swooning at the cuteness of it all.

It is time to go. Past time, really, because church started 15 minutes ago. Car picks up his bag and walks out the door. Big G says he wants to ride with me. Mommy isn’t going to church, I tell him. He asks why. Mommy doesn’t feel good, I say, but you will have a good time at Primary.

Car pauses and says he didn’t realize I wasn’t going. I ask him if he sees how I look, even though I know he doesn’t see anything wrong. I tell him I haven’t showered. I can tell he feels bad for me, but he walks out the door and takes the children to church. It’s all he can do right now.

I know God doesn’t care if I shower or not. I know my friends at church won’t care as long as I’m there (and there’s no detectable stench). I know my husband and children will miss me sitting next to them.

But it is Sunday, and I am sad.




12 responses

2 08 2010

Sometimes you just need to call a time-out and have some “me” (or “you”, I suppose) time. I hope you are feeling better today!

2 08 2010

I’m sad you had such a challenging day….but I just thought you should know I’m having another “Jenny Marathon” day. Just sitting here catching up on my one-and-only favorite blog! So I just thought you should know that you are making my day….absolutely wonderful! Chin up! Love you Babe!!

2 08 2010

Hey. I’m glad you made it to dinner. I feel bad that I didn’t get to visit with you, but it seems like it’s impossible with so many people. Let me know how I can help this week: Wednesday and Thursday are out.

1 08 2010
Lori @ In Pursuit of Martha Points

A battle over a bathroom issue with a wee one (no pun intended) will do plenty for tipping down into downright down.

I hope a few small happinesses found you today.

Even if they were wee.

1 08 2010

That made me giggle. Thank you.

1 08 2010

Blah! I know exactly how you feel. I’ve felt that way all day. It must be the planets, or the water, or blah …

On a lighter note, Fiance never, ever understands when I tell him that I don’t want to go somewhere because I haven’t showered. Boys are so comfortable in their own funk. Ew.

1 08 2010

I know! And church, no less.

1 08 2010

Gee, if I didn’t know any better ~ I would have sworn I typed that! Hey, I feel like that from time to time… Sundays are suppose to be a day of rest ~ or so I thought, but around here they can be down right exhausting not to mention…
SAD! I certainly hope you took Julie up on that Geo-cashing expedition!

1 08 2010

I sure hope your day has turned out better!

1 08 2010

I really hope you’re out geo-caching!

xo Susie

1 08 2010

Wanna go Geo-caching with me? I’m serious! I’m very bored. I’ll come to you and I don’t care that you haven’t showered. Let me know via email.

1 08 2010

depression does suck. I’m so sorry. Maybe cash in one of your free cupcake coupons from last night! 🙂 Hang in there

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