This Land Was Made for You and Me

30 07 2010


This sign showed up recently at a local McDonald’s. The “SSNVS” referenced is the Social Security Number Verification Service, “an online service that allows registered employers and third-party submitters to verify employee names and Social Security Numbers (SSNs) against Social Security Administration’s (SSA’s) records for wage reporting purposes.” (via the Social Security website)

So, why would McDonald’s feel it’s necessary to inform us that they utilize a service that “saves [them] additional processing costs and allows [the SSA] to properly credit [their] employees’ earnings record, which will be important information in determining their eligibility and payment of SSA’s Retirement, Survivor and Disability Benefits”?

I can only think of one reason, and it makes me sad.




3 responses

31 07 2010

All I can do is shake my head. Definitely sad.

30 07 2010
Melissa B

Oh Jenny, I am thinking the same thing. What things are coming to these days.

30 07 2010

Xenophobia: I’m lovin’ it!

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