You Have (Weird) Mail

27 07 2010

This showed up in my inbox the other day:

Somehow this product doesn’t seem like a prime candidate for an e-mail campaign. Is that just me? Is there really a woman out there who opened her e-mail and said, “Hey, look at that! I’ve been using tampons all this time, but now they’ve piqued my interest! I must away to the store!”

I’m not going to comment on the product itself, and I beg you to follow my example.

Since I’m not talking about anything useful today, I’ll throw this out there: I’m planning a site revamp (Including my very own domain!) but I’m completely pathetic at graphic design and coding. Is a puzzlement. If any of my minions are adept in either or both of these areas, please let me know! (Adept and cheap. Did I mention I’m really, really poor?)

*That’s right, WordPress Proofreader. Bow to my awesomeness.




3 responses

5 08 2010

I won’t say I’m good at design, but I did do my own blog, (along with my family blog, my sister’s blogs and my cousins blogs…) I can send you the link’s if you’d like.

30 07 2010

so your post made me totally curious. I had to check it out. Not an ideal email campaign, but where else should they advertise? pop-ups on the side of a blog? commercials? I’m just saying, for that product your options are not limitless. 🙂

29 07 2010

all i will say is eew. gross.

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