Mundane Monday – 7/26/10

26 07 2010

It’s another one of those weeks when I know this is a good thing, because I don’t want to do it. Did that make any sense? I’ll try again: I’m not feeling very thankful for much right this second, so I’m glad I committed to finding things that made me happy during the past week. Capisce?

Don’t forget to tell me what made your week great. I love reading your comments!

  • My brother is still visiting. He also left a hilarious comment on my last post, which you must read, even though it’s funnier than the post itself and kind of steals my thunder.
  • I made it through a week of single motherhood (or, as I’ve decided to call it, “Hell Week”) and everyone survived relatively unscathed.
  • Big G and I met with the child psychologist. She’s absolutely lovely and believes she’ll be able to help us make our family life better.

    I watched Big G play Rabbids with his cousin.

  • I went to my first rodeo. Well, an hour of my first rodeo, until Little G decided he didn’t want to sit still and we left because the bleachers were designed in such a way that he was about to fling himself several stories down.
  • My family came to dinner at my house. I didn’t cook or anything. Don’t be silly. But it was nice to have them all there.
  • Little G went for the olives again.

  • Related to the above item, as I cleaned the bathroom in preparation for the family visit, Big G told me, “You’re such a good cleaner, mom!”
  • I played pin the tail on the donkey at my nephew’s birthday party. I really sucked at it, but it was hilarious.
  • I got to tell a customer the copay on her cancer med went from $150 to $15. Her reply: “Shut UP!” Fantastic.

My life is awesomely run-of-the-mill.

*Dear WordPress Proofreader: If you don’t stop explaining homophones, I won’t be responsible for my actions.




10 responses

29 07 2010

jenny my love, why must you hate me?

28 07 2010

Sushi, sushi, sushi.

Rach & I started making the helicopter pinata for Isaac’s birthday… it looks AWESOME already!

27 07 2010

I got to snuggle up with Little G a number of times this past week. Even after being kicked by him all night long during the sleepover, having him snuggle next to me in the morning and just sigh this huge contented sigh was worth the lack of sleep.

I have an awesome daughter! I was down this morning and you picked me up and made my day wonderful and fun.

27 07 2010

I like Rachel.

27 07 2010

You would.

27 07 2010

here’s another thing to be thankful for: you can fart in front of me and i won’t even be that disgusted. chances are, i will probably laugh about it. how awesome is that?!

27 07 2010

I kinda hate you a little right now. But I’ll get over it. 😉

27 07 2010

– I sat on the porch of my soon to be house and watched my little girl play collect flowers in the front yard.

– Once inside the house she kept running in and out and I smiled at the urge to tell her, “Quit running in and out, we’re not trying to cool down the neighborhood.”

– I got woken up at 2am by my sweet-faced daughter asking, “Can I snuggle whitchu momma?”

– I cried tears of joy yesterday thinking about where I started and where I am now.

27 07 2010

-My 2 year old decided she wanted to use the potty now. Yay! Hopefully soon I will be only changing one diaper.

-My dad made it through surgery yesterday.

-I survived 24 hours without AC ( or any electricity for that matter) in record high heat. I didn’t have a “mommy meltdown” or anything close to it. Seriously impressed with myself 🙂

27 07 2010

-I got to sleep in a hotel bed for a few days at my convention. That was nice even though I would have preferred to have the room a little cooler.

-I got to take the extra TP roll home (long standing joke between me and my dad, it’s a souvenir) along with the other toiletries.

-My dog actually missed me this time.

-It took 4 naps to fully recover from the convention I attended.

-My house is a wreck and I have no intention of doing anything about it just yet.

-I really enjoyed the thunder today.

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