The Worst Kind of Mouse

25 07 2010

We have mice. No, not a pet mice–mice of the unwelcome variety. Car has already slain one with his mighty mousetrap skills. I’m ambivalent about this, because mice aren’t necessarily terrible creatures. In fact, they’re kind of cute. But cute or not, I don’t really want them in my kitchen.

Today I was sitting on the couch and saw movement out of the corner of my eye. I turned to look, and zip! There went a mouse. Zip! Back across the kitchen. The fricking mouse darted across my kitchen about 5 times, at which point I tried to sic Tigger on it. As fantastic a dog as Tigger is, he’s a useless mouser. I need to get some sort of terrier. No, not a cat. I’m horribly allergic. Why would you want me to suffer like that?

When Car got up from his nap, I told him I saw a mouse gallivanting about in our kitchen.

Car: A new mouse?
Me: I certainly hope so. The last thing I want in our house is a zombie mouse.

I’m really glad Car is home. We have awesome conversations.




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26 07 2010
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26 07 2010

LOVE the zombie mouse picture! 😀

26 07 2010

Mice soooo freak me out. Try nutella on the mouse trap and I promise you’ll hear a SNAP within minutes.

26 07 2010

You’re such a liar, Jenny. Or maybe you’re just lying to yourself. Because let’s face it, a zombie mouse would be blogging gold. Of course, it’s only half as good as a vampire mouse, since vampires are all the rage these days. Vampire bunnies are worthless, though, although I hear Stephenie Meyer might be taking a whack at a re-imagining of the Bunnicula series. (And that, folks, is how internet rumors are born.)

26 07 2010
Leslie @

I second the amazement at finding a zombie mouse picture.

And now I’m going to have nightmares about zombie mice. Thank you very much!

My cat goes through names like my kid (doesn’t) go through underwear. My nephew named him Mishy Mish. Fiance named him Infinity. My son named him Ace. And the little girl who visits next door sometimes named him Bacon.

Because of you, his new name is: Zombie.

(Even though you’re allergic.)

26 07 2010


Sorry, I laughed when I read your post this morning! Would believe our toddler hit our monitor last night with her toy broom stick and now I am reading through what looks like shattered glass. Your posts are fun thought and I wouldn’t want to miss out!
Anyway, as fate would have it ~ our dog (puppy) loves to catch and torture rodents! This happens outside, in the back yard… She got one just the other day and the kids were grossed out!
Also, since we didn’t want any in the house… we have had one of those rodent repel things you plug in the wall for years. We have it out in the garage and it seems to work great. Only a few dollars at the hardware store.
Otherwise, try this:
“I have an ALL NATURAL solution for getting rid of mice. No poison, traps, or sprays to harm your pets or children and it smells awesome. I have had great success with this. Buy a bottle of 100% pure Peppermint Essential Oil (you can buy an inexpensive brand as long as it says 100% pure on the label). Place 1 or 2 drops of the oil on a cotton ball and place the cotton balls around the house where the mice are visiting. They will just leave the premises.” (Just one of many peppermint suggestions on the internet).

I have had great success with essential oils… fortunately, I haven’t needed to try them on mice yet!

Take care!

P.s. If there are typos, it is because I can’t see all the letters I am typing through the many beautiful lines on my monitor!

26 07 2010
Erika Hill

I’m just really impressed that you found a zombie mouse picture. I once found a picture of a dachshund made from bananas. Oh world wide web, how I love thee.

Good luck getting rid of the mice. I was listening to Car Talk on Saturday, and something that someone recommended for keeping little creatures away was buying bottled predator urine ( Seriously.). I’ve heard this is effective. Of course, then your yard smells like cat urine, so it’s your call.

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