A Little Bit of This, A little Bit of That

23 07 2010

Today’s post is as ADD as I am. If you bear with me, I’ll reward you with an awesome photo at the end. Pinky swear.

Point the first: I guest posted at Erin’s blog yesterday. Even though you’ve read my courtship story, you should head over there and read my story with bonus wisdom tossed in at the end!

Point the second: Sorry there wasn’t a brand-spanking new post waiting for you this morning. I know y’all felt the gaping hole in your lives. I worked an almost full day yesterday and between that and dealing with the kids (with Car still off on his little man adventure), I was plumb tuckered out last night. My mother was convinced I was dead because I didn’t answer the phone last night (at 10:30) and then there was no blog this morning.

Point the third: Hey, single moms? I worship you. You are incredible, and deserve to be sainted or something.

Point the fourth: For one of my tasks in 31 Days to Build a Better Blog, I’m supposed to e-mail a new reader/commenter personally. I plan on doing that (sorry, old-timers), but it got me thinking–what do my loyal readers think of my blog? Obviously you’re somewhat fond because you keep coming back for more abuse, but are there things you’d change? Is there something lacking that you really want to see? Tell me! I’m not fishing for compliments here (although I certainly won’t delete them). You can post a comment here, or you can e-mail me: likeswimming@gmail.com. Inquiring minds want to know (I want to know!) *Bonus points if you remember that commercial, because if you remember it you’re probably at least as old as I am.

Point the fifth: Kave is a stupid thing to name your son. Seriously. It is not, however, as stupid as naming your daughter Chevy (insert dirty joke here). What is wrong with people?

And now your payoff! Don’t you want to buy one of these for your daughter/son/niece/nephew?

*The WordPress Proofreader agrees that Kave is stupid (or at least nonexistent). However, any bonus points it earned for that are negated by this:


You shouldn’t use a comparison with an absolute word. An absolute is or isn’t.

Actually, WordPress Proofreader, it really was an “almost full day.” It was 7 hours. I refuse to say “partial day” when it was only short by one hour, so stop judging me. Jerk.




7 responses

26 07 2010

i’m sure you and car already own a naughty nozzle. sinner.

23 07 2010

I want a naughty nozzle. That would be awesome.

23 07 2010
Kristina P.

Honestly, this blog is really lacking in a lot of areas. You are missing blog posts about how I am the most awesome person you have ever met. You are also missing a lot of posts about nudity, and judging people. In fact, you really need to do a post about judging people WHILE nude.

23 07 2010

so is that what I should get for my angel nephews?

23 07 2010

“I love you just the wa-ay you are…da da da …” I get you. I mean it’s like I don’t even have to blog – I can just come and read your stream of consciousness posts and it’s like I have my own blog!! You tell it like it is and I appreciate it. I love how you mock & talk back to word press.

Keep on truckin’!

23 07 2010

What is that for? Spraying your children when they’re being naughty?? Spraying people when they cross your lawn?

Oh, and I quite like your blog the way it is! Smoochie smoochie, la la la!

23 07 2010

Naughty Nozzle looks, um, fun…

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