The Impossible Dream

22 07 2010

Big G sleeps on the floor next to my bed. Yeah, I know. But at least he’s not in my bed, right? Baby steps, people! Tonight we had this conversation:

Big G: “Mom, will you please not snore tonight?”
Me: “Excuse me?”
Big G: “Please can you not snore?”
Me: “Well, I’ll certainly do my best.”
Big G: “Okay. You try your hardest, because it’s very loud and I can’t sleep.”
Me: “If it’s too loud you can always go sleep in your room.”
Big G: “But I can hear you in there, too. It’s so VERY LOUD. Please, can you try not to snore?”

I am the best mom ever.




5 responses

22 07 2010
Wilma (The Demure Angel)

That was funny! You have a great sense of humor. Wanted to take the time to respond back to your kind comment on my blog the other day. I apologize for not responding sooner. I’ve had issues with my laptop and I finally took it to the computer repair shop. I believe it’s fixed now (keep my fingers crossed!). Take care!

22 07 2010

lol You’re so awesome, Jenny! I agree with Rachel… and Aimee. 😀 Hee hee

22 07 2010

my parents snored so loud that we could hear them in the basement on the opposite side of the house. i don’t remember having problems falling asleep though. i guess i learned to tune it out. tell big g it serves him right for sleeping in your room. that’s some good parenting right there.

22 07 2010

LOL! Maybe some earplugs are in order for the boy. 🙂

22 07 2010
Lindsay @ Just My Blog

I snorted a little. That was hilarious! “It’s so VERY LOUD” HA!

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