Mundane Monday – 7/19/10

19 07 2010

If you’re new to Mundane Mondays, a recap: I dedicate my Monday post to appreciating the common moments in my life that brought me joy during the week. I ask that once you’ve read my list, you tell me a few things that happened in your week that did the same. Thanks!

♦ One night Little G climbed into bed with Big G and they slept holding hands.

♦ Little G and I started our Mom & Me swimming class and he loves it.

Big G fell asleep during prayer today.

♦ I talked to my blogging friend Janice on the phone for the first time.

♦ We went to the Lindon city pool and by the end of our trip Big G (who normally refuses to have anything to do with pools) was running around in water up to his neck.

♦ This morning Little G wanted pickles for breakfast. Last week he wanted olives. I said to Car, “He’s like a little tiny pregnant woman!”

Another gorgeous sunset.

My life is amazingly mundane.




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20 07 2010

I got to do laundry for FREE at Rachel’s!! WHEE! Ate our first zucchini of the season! My beets are coming up!

19 07 2010

In spite of my sunburn, I vote for watching the kids have a blast at the pool. The splashing water in their eyes didn’t even phaze them! Little G just giddy while trying to float and blowing bubble in the water. It was awesome!

19 07 2010

*Made s’mores on the stove again
*Sat in a chair in the yard holding a book. I didn’t read it, I just sat there.
*Made $3 at my yard sale
*Played Yatzee with friends in person, not online.
*Washed the dog. He’s really soft now. 🙂

19 07 2010
Kristina P.

I think my friend Amber goes to the Lindon pool. You should hook up with her!

19 07 2010

Airdree wrinkles her nose when she smiles.
Naomi asked me what kind of animal is Gerald from Sid the Science Kid. It made me giggle.
My flowers outside my house, and the patches of thick grass.
Dave and I stayed up until 11:00 last night playing Solitaire on his Ipod and talking.

19 07 2010

I about fell on the floor when I read the thing about Gerald. Awesome.

19 07 2010

Hero picks up his toys when asked

Trevor came back from his dads house

my annoying husband is gone for a week (that is double sided because I miss my nice husband)

even got some cleaning done this week

took the kids swimming and my husband actually came with us and enjoyed himself

the best was running/walking 3mi in 42 minutes 🙂

19 07 2010

I got the flu. I never get sick! Anyway, Braden let me sleep in while he got our 3 ring circus dressed and fed every day. Yesterday he even took them all to church by himself so I could rest at home.

Every time I cough (stupid flu congestion) my oldest comes running over cups my face in his little hands and says “Feel better mommy. I love you.”

19 07 2010

Hi fellow Utah girl! I love your Mundane Monday posts – great reminder to remember the little things ;]

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