Don’t Mind the Disrobing Child

17 07 2010

A few weeks ago I was hanging out with a friend while our kids played outside. We chatted and laughed, laughed and chatted…and then I happened to look out the window, where her 4-year-old son was in the process of pulling down his pants and squatting next to a tree.

Me: “Umm…what’s he doing?”
Her: “I don’t know!!!” (As she sprints for the door.)

Fortunately, she got out there before anything…er…emerged, and we had a good laugh. It was one of those completely hilarious moments when you’re really glad it wasn’t your kid.

Fast forward to today. My niece’s 3rd birthday party. The adults are inside playing Guitar Hero and the kids are playing outside. My dad comes in and says, “Does Big G remove his pull-up in public often?”


Me: “Umm…he doesn’t have a pull-up on?”
Dad: “He does now. But the other kids said he took it off, peed in the grass, and then put it back on.”

Double frick.

The saddest part? Car and I actually view this as progress since he recognized the urge to pee and then didn’t just go in his pull-up.

I need to review my definition of “progress.”

*Okay, WordPress Proofreader, I’ll concede that “frick” isn’t a word. But “peed”? What would you suggest as the past tense of “pee”? Made wee-wee? Voided? Urinated?

**Also? Webster’s Dictionary totally has my back here:

Main Entry: 2pee
Function: intransitive verb
Inflected Form(s): peed; pee·ing
Etymology: euphemism from the initial letter of piss
Date: circa 1880

sometimes vulgar : urinate





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3 10 2010
You’re Doing It Wrong « Like Swimming

[…] course, her son is the kid I once saw squatting in her front yard, so I can’t say I’m that […]

5 08 2010

I read this back when you first posted it, and I thought I commented, but apparently I didn’t! I LOVE this story! My 5 and 3 year old’s still aren’t potty trained. So frustrating!

18 07 2010

Oh, Isaac. What a crazy kid! And yeah, “peed” is totally correct!

18 07 2010

Thanks for that visual, and the education on the etymology of peeing!

17 07 2010

i’d like everyone to know that my child was the squatting one. it was a proud moment. i think that hanging out with isaac is good for big g. i mean, what’s more normal for little boys than peeing outside? way to go, big g!

17 07 2010
Kristina P.

It’s all about baby steps. Just like when I told the kids in group, on Thursday, that going from smoking pot, and drinking, all the time, to just drinking alcohol all day long, is progress. Yay!

17 07 2010

That is progress. I don’t know who would say differently. (This as my middle son is still wearing the peed-in underwear I told him to change 20 minutes ago.)

17 07 2010
Horribly Cheerful

Hahaha! This made my night, considering I’ve been struck dumb by a five-year-old I was babysitting when she was playing outside and decided that because the dog goes outside, she could too.
The neighbors were having a pool party next door at the same time. Face-palm moment.

WordPress spellchecker is the worst!

17 07 2010

Peed is totally the correct past tense for that verb 😉

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