Wordless Wednesday – Exhausted

14 07 2010




11 responses

14 07 2010

i like that little g did not relinquish the lollipop when he fell asleep. well done, little g.

14 07 2010

That’s what I would like to be doing Right. Now.

14 07 2010

cute boys!! too bad that they are really “RECHARGING”!!!

14 07 2010

Wow…did you check Big G to make sure he was still breathing? Ha! He is crashed out!!!!

14 07 2010

Oh my goodness…..they are out!!! Amazing the positions they can sleep in. Great pics!!

14 07 2010

too cute. they must have had a great day or couple of days.

14 07 2010

HA!!! That speaks VOLUMES!!!

14 07 2010
WeeMasonMan's Mom

Oh my gosh, kids can sleep in the most uncomfortable positions possible!

14 07 2010

ROFLOL Love it! If they are tired enough kids can sleep anywhere, anyhow, can’t they? 🙂

14 07 2010
Melissa B

Man, they looked wiped out. What did you take them to do? Jesse is this way when we go for walks and play at the park. They are so cute.

14 07 2010
Kristina P.

Looks like my kind of day!

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