Soap is Not Optional

11 07 2010

I worked 10 hours today. While at work, I had this telephone conversation with my husband:

Car: “So…if the kids ran around in the sprinklers, does it count as a bath?”
Me: “No.”
Car: “Little G’s skin feels softer!”
Me: “Honey, no. There must be soap involved.”
Car: “I should’ve gotten them with the dog shampoo.”

*Dear WordPress Proofreader, why do you hate contractions so? Were you betrayed by a contraction? Deceived? Whatever may have happened, you need to move past it and accept that I refuse to use entire words when apostrophes will suffice.




4 responses

12 07 2010

ok, i totally did this the other day. the kids had been swimming in our pool, and i felt too nauseated to give them a bath, so i counted it. but don’t tell car. i had an excellent excuse.

12 07 2010

LOL Car is so silly! “Little G’s skin feels softer!”

11 07 2010

oh goodness…funny!

11 07 2010

love it! I literally laughed out loud. of course, if you do get them with the soap, it totally counts. I don’t care if you’re outdoors or not.

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