Barbara’s Had a Rough Year

6 07 2010

Every week I do the church bulletin. This includes the program for Sunday’s meeting, various and sundry announcements, and leadership phone numbers. I always put a picture and an inspirational quote. I’m uplifting like that.

A few weeks ago, during my search for a deep and meaningful quote, I stumbled across this on the LDS Church Website:

Great quote, but I think it’s time for Barbara to have a little work done.

And yes, I’m totally going to Hell for this one.




9 responses

7 07 2010

so did you post the quote with the picture? if not, shame on you. i miss your bulletins.

6 07 2010

OMG… ahahahaha…. and I thought I had a problem with facial hair. Poor Babs!

6 07 2010


6 07 2010


6 07 2010

LOL!!! How many even NOTICED??? If anyone says anything… tell them it was a TEST to see WHO pays attention to the bulletin! HAH!! ((HUGS))

6 07 2010
Liz Taylor

hee, hee

6 07 2010

LOL! That is funny. Thanks for the laugh. I’ll be right there in hell with you so no worries! 😉

6 07 2010

I have been stalking you on Twitter. Please tell me you printed that quote and pic in the bulletin.

6 07 2010

that’s excellent. made me giggle. 🙂

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