Ask a Stupid Question…

4 07 2010

I get the impression that Sunday holidays are confusing to many people. Will businesses be closed on Saturday? Monday? All the celebrations are held on Saturday, so why is my bank/pharmacy/doctor’s office closed on Monday? Equally perplexing are the bank holidays that many retail businesses don’t celebrate: Veteran’s Day, President’s Day, etc.

You know that old cliché about no stupid questions? It’s completely wrong, because every holiday the pharmacy is open I have this conversation:

*ring ring ring*
Me: “Pharmacy, this is the technician.”
Customer: “Are you open today?”

From time to time I actually do get an enlightened individual who, when I answer, says, “Oh, good! You’re open today!” I don’t mind those calls at all. I understand them. I wouldn’t want to drive to the pharmacy only to find it closed for the holiday.

My ongoing fantasy is to have the following conversation:

*ring ring ring*
Me: “Pharmacy, this is the technician.”
Customer: “Are you open today?”
Me: “Nope.”
Customer: “But…you just answered the phone.”
Me: “On holidays they pay me to answer the phone and tell people we aren’t here.”




8 responses

5 07 2010

This post made me LOL! 😀

5 07 2010

Atta girl

4 07 2010

Trust me, there are places where you call and:

*ring ring*

Sullen worker: Thank you for calling Johnny’s Pizza on Warren Drive.
Customer: I need to order a pizza for delivery.
Sullen worker: We don’t open for delivery until 10:30 am. [it’s 10:22 am]
Customer: (@#!!) [hangs up]

[I have been both these people, depending on the state of the economy and the time of the month.]

Also…don’t forget, some places make their workers keep answering the phone all cheery and official like even after they close. You want to get a cussing, try answering the phone at 12:01 am on Saturday night “Thank you for calling Johnny’s Pizza…” and telling the highly intoxicated person on the other end, guess what, their buffalo wing window slammed shut approximately 59 seconds ago. (Now that I think about it, the chances of the cussing and drunkenness ARE slightly slimmer in Utah.)

5 07 2010

Nah. All bets are off after midnight. That’s when the Holy Ghost goes to sleep.

We open at 9 am, and if you call at 8:55 am you can be darn certain we won’t answer the phone. And closing? Yeah. You call 30 seconds past close, and we’ll pretend you don’t exist. It’s nothing personal–after all, why even answer if we can’t help you?

4 07 2010

I have the same idea as Steph… where do you work again? 🙂 I’m a stay at home mom. I have nothing else to do. Are you open tomorrow? *snicker*

4 07 2010

Ahhh, but what of those people who answer the phone before work opens (say 8 am) and then let you know they won’t be open until 10 am? Or maybe this only happens outside of Utah.

4 07 2010

Ahahahaha. Is it wrong I want to call you at work and ask if your open? You probably should never let me know where you work… LOL

4 07 2010

My lips are sealed. 🙂

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