Mundane Monday – 6/28/10

28 06 2010

I’m already getting weepy as I think about what to write today. I’d blame it on hormones, but I would rather admit the truth – I’ve started to become frustrated with the daily grind of motherhood, and this idea has given me the opportunity to stop and rediscover the beauty of it all.

I’m going to ask one thing of my readers – as suggested by the lovely Casey Mullins of Moosh in Indy. I’d like each of you to reply with one perfectly ordinary thing that made your life beautiful during the past week.

Also? I know Mundane Monday is a cheesy name (and hard to say), but I just can’t help it. I like catchy names with alliteration.

That’s all the housekeeping, so here we go:

Big G woke me up too early this morning.
I was grumpy, but then he said, “I love you, mom. I missed you. I want to give a kiss.”

We didn’t have plans for dinner tonight. My sister-in-law called and invited us over.
It was wonderful, and I didn’t have to do any dishes.

I’m still clean and sober.

When I got home from the conference, there was a birthday present waiting for me.
I have the best brother ever.

This morning Little G spun around in circles while I got dressed.

My birthday was this week. I turned 34 and I got cookies in the mail from a woman I’ve never met in real life. Her name is Janice, and she is my dear friend.

Big G made a little lamb out of paper and cotton balls at church today. Car asked him what he learned about lambs. Big G said, “That they eat grass.”

My friend Rachel took me to lunch at Cafe Rio.

Big G wanted to help me make pasta salad. He ate more than he helped.
I was so happy to see him actually enjoying normal food.

Little G loves olives. He sticks them on his plump little fingers before stuffing them in his mouth. Today he enjoyed it so much that he didn’t stop to chew them up, and he ended up with chipmunk cheeks full of olives.

My life is gloriously ordinary.




22 responses

2 07 2010

Went to Girls Camp for the week, came home for a night when my kids were already asleep. They were so excited to see me in the morning and gave me huge hugs and kisses then started telling me about all their owies. So priceless.

1 07 2010

My youngest is turning 2 today. All the children want to help with birthday preparations (choosing presents, taping up streamers, etc.). The birthday boy, who is already throwing fits like a 2 year old, can magically be pacified by talk of his birthday or singing “happy birthday” to him. How long can this last?

30 06 2010

What made my life beautiful last week: getting to cuddle with my boyfriend/lover/partner all day long on Sunday. We work opposite schedules, plus he is working out of state during the week now. We really only see each other on the weekend. But that makes our time together that much more precious.

29 06 2010

I’ve been feeling the same way lately. Day in and day out with kids can be exhausting. No one really appreciates it until they’ve lived it. My youngest is 16 months and he’s starting to kiss with his lips closed (until now it’s been the sweet, sloppy, open-mouthed kisses). He’s sometimes a little stingy with kisses but today he gave me one and when I told him how much I loved it, he leaned in to give me one more. My five year old swims like a fish. It’s hard to get her out of the pool. When I mentioned yesterday how much she loves it she said, “Yes, but I love you more than the pool, Mommy.” Sweet!

29 06 2010

My ordianary things today have been ordinary, yet marvelous.
I got a shower before 10:00 A.M. I am caught up on my dishes and laundry. I vacuumed last night without sucking up any Polly Pocket shoes. My 3 year old fell asleep in the arms of his sister which let me get an hour of uninterrupted bill paying time. As for cute things the kids do, My 4 year old has been going around the house singing, “The Farmer in the Jail”. May I have many more ordinary days!

29 06 2010

Um, whoa Becca. I need some mind bleach!

Anyway… I think that forcing us to think of the “ordinary” things that make us happy is a great idea! Getting caught up in the daily grind makes me forget how much I love having the cutest baby boy ever! The thing that totally made my day? Watching Colin copy Nick throwing his arms into the air and headbanging. Awesome, I know!

Oh, and Jenny I was totally there with you at Cafe Rio, I can’t believe you left me out! Du bist ein BEAST!! 😀 Hee hee WordPress doesn’t appreciate my German… what a cultural Philistine!!

29 06 2010

hmm, i got to hear the grunt of my newest nephew over the phone! i got some cuddle time with baby colin. my ward choir sight reading there new piece like champs. finishing a long day at work by parking myself in front of my swamp cooler and listening to my i pod shuffle. contemplating meeting david bowie 30 years in the past and shagging his brains out. hmmmmmmm, yesssss………..

28 06 2010

*I love it when my dog throws himself down on the wooden floor with a thud.

*I had a nice real conversation with my mom today. Usually she just wants to listen to me breathe and I find that annoying.

*I really wanted a hamburger today to make up for the crappy reheated one I got at the Owlz game yesterday. I don’t need one so I passed. Good for me.

*I’m glad that I follow blogs with google now. It makes so much more sense. I really do like yours the best and I look forward to your posts.

28 06 2010

My youngest is teething (just started today, so we’ve got quite a trek ahead of us) and since his dad was home, I left him with his dad while I ran his oldest brother to swimming lessons (the middle boy came too). And then during his afternoon nap, I left him with his dad so that I could get fitted for a crown. Each time, he was perfectly content when I walked in the door, but when he heard my voice, he started rolling around trying to find me and crying. He calmed down the moment he was in my arms.

Love the watch! Sorry I didn’t know it was your birthday (you’d think I’d check Facebook or something like that).

28 06 2010

I love the chipmunk cheeks!!!
Today was very ordinary… and excellent.
We sat and read books, without any fighting.
We made a craft and got glue all over each other, and peeled it off like I used to do for fun when I was younger 🙂 Elmer’s, I think.
Fynn used the scissors properly, and it was such a simple – proud moment.

28 06 2010

dude, i can’t believe you actually got the smurfette watch!!! i have a good surprise for you too. one that doesn’t involve poo in any way. you’re shocked, i know. i made the blog again- rock on!

28 06 2010

It wasn’t last week; I was out of town and missed you and the G’s horribly. Today it was talking to you on the phone while you finally figured out how to get the hose to run and hearing the exquisite joyous giggles of the two boys as Mommy screamed because she was getting wet! Good times!

28 06 2010

I love this idea and this post. So often we forget to stop and smell the roses…to remember the little things in life that make us so happy. I laid down to take a nap with Ava on Saturday, which I don’t normally do. I told her she had 15 minutes to fall asleep or I was putting her in her bed. I pretended to fall asleep. Every 20 seconds she would caress my arm or kiss my arm. She would pat my back. She would talk to me. I kept pretending to be asleep. I refused to open my eyes since I was trying not to engage or encourage her. After about 20 kisses, 10 arm caresses and quite a few pats on the bat she finally admitting defeat she says, “Ahhh. Whatever!” At which point I busted out laughing. It’s the little things…

28 06 2010

My highlight? Getting a middle of the night text from my sister with a picture of a Smurfette watch accompanied by the words “Best. Brother. EVER.” And then earning a spot in your Mundane Monday post, ensuring the gift’s immortality. The text lifted my spirits as I slogged through a difficult late-night work session, and your post this morning helped me look up a bit as I contemplate making it through another of my wife’s 30-hour work shifts while I’m alone with my three kids (while watching 2 more). Thanks.

28 06 2010

Happy Belated B-Day Jenny!
My smallest son jumping in bed and saying “nuggle me Mom, nuggle me”! ~makes my heart happy every time.

28 06 2010
Kristina P.

Oh, happy belated birthday! I’m sorry I am late to the party. And yes, I would love to go to EVO next year. I hope you were able to have fun, despite some of the drama.

28 06 2010

Hahaha! That watch!

So much beauty. Waking up with my kids in bed next to me when I don’t even remember them crawling in, that’s a consistent beauty.

28 06 2010

FIRST>>>Happy Belated Birthday. Sorry I missed it. Second. My husband fixed me a plate of food. My hands were full of baby and he made me a hamburger exactly how I like it. Completely ordinary, but wonderfully perfect. And my Beautiful little girls who love each other to pieces, and have the ability to make my day in about 13 seconds. Love Mundane Monday, and love you!

28 06 2010

Three of my four kids are bed-wetters and last Saturday (for the first time ever) my daughter washed her own bedding without my help! Ah, pure bliss. Btw, I love your blog jen! Mundane Monday sounds great!

28 06 2010

By the way- I love your new watch!

28 06 2010

I feel like I am constantly breaking up fights between my 2 oldest (they are 20 months apart- I guess it goes with the territory). The other day when I put my son on time out for decking his sister she dragged her little chair in next to him. When I asked what she was doing she told me “I’m sitting on time out too.” When I told her she didn’t need to sit on time out she started crying. I got frustrated and said something brilliant like “What?!?! Whay are you crying now?! My daughter said “Dillon is my friend, I love him.” My mean mommy heart melted right then.

28 06 2010

My reply to your request. We recently and still are in the process of the move to Evanston, where you know I have been traveling and leaving my boys at home for half the week every week. We were talking about moving and Jesse said, “I’m excited to move to Wyoming, it’s the funnest place ever!” I asked “Why do you think it’s the funnest place ever?” His reply, “Because I’ll get to see you everyday.” And that made my day.

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