Inappropriate Much?

24 06 2010

I saw some interesting things in Vegas. Today I present:

Totally Inappropriate Gifts for your Daughter

First up we have Polly Prey, the doll that teaches your daughter the best way to attract online predators.

Next up: Who says adults should have all the fun? Childhood can be stressful, so give your daughter the gift of relaxation:

Drunken kids say the darndest things!

Yes, I know there’s a bevy of inappropriate Hello Kitty items. But seriously? Wine? In a gift shop where kids can see it? Come on.

Is your daughter a budding fashionista? Well, then, feast your eyes on this beauty, available in sizes 10-14:


What, none of these are in your price range? That’s okay. How’s about you just take her down to Burger King for a kid’s meal? I’m sure they have great age-appropriate toys.

Or not.




4 responses

25 06 2010

i know you went out and bought a bunch of burger king kids meals, just so you could get all of the twilight toys.

24 06 2010
Elizabeth Gessel

Unbelievable. After 10 days away from the Happy Valley, I find myself wondering what “reality” is. If it’s what you see in Vegas, well then, just forget it!!

24 06 2010

Wait, so if I am understanding, you are suggesting these are NOT good gifts right? Hmmm, better rethink N’s Christmas gifts. Darn. And I was so excited about the Swimsuit. In fact, maybe I will just keep it for myself…..
PS I miss you!

24 06 2010

Those are all TOO funny!
I have little girls running arond my neighborhood with not too much more on thatn that lovely swim suit! and I mean 4 and 5 year olds! and their 11 year old sister! NICE when you have a young teenager!!

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