Church, Kids and Flash Photography

20 06 2010

Oh, hey! Were you in my ward today when the primary children got up to sing a few Father’s Day songs? Awesome! I’ll just answer a few of your unasked questions.

Yes, that was Big G tapping a blue plastic lizard on the microphone. So sweet of you to notice.

Aforementioned lizard

And yes, that was Little G running around and squealing whilst wearing women’s sunglasses.

The photographers always find him.

I think we were doing okay until I kind of sort of forgot that the phone camera flash was set on auto…and it decided my last picture was a wee bit dark. Whoops.

Don't you know who I am?!

Why yes, I did take a flash picture during sacrament meeting. Stop judging me.




8 responses

21 06 2010

i so wish i could have been there. it was probably the most amazing father’s day song ever, all because of big g.
mimi, quit your lizard tapping.

21 06 2010

Hee hee, I love it!! I’m sure your lizard tapping sacrament meeting program (whoa, that sounds creepy) was WAY better than our awkward “nobody-knew-the-primary-was-doing-a-musical-number…including-the-primary-kids” ditty. Oh to be a fly on your chapel wall… or a lizard on your chapel’s mic. 😀 Hee hee!

20 06 2010
Elizabeth Gessel

Memories of Peter with the binoculars on Mother’s Day! (Un)fortunately I didn’t have a cell phone w/camera OR a real camera with film. It was, after all, the dark ages about 33 years ago!

20 06 2010

LOL, phones and church always seem to get me in trouble. Someday I will remember to turn it to silent and guess I can be happy mine has no flash option with its camera.

20 06 2010

And it looks like it was so worth it! lol.

20 06 2010

My my you have crossed the line. A camera in church! You should know better. By the way could you send me a copy of the lizard getting whopped against the microphone. I need to round out my collection of weird church pictures. PS. It works best if you wait until the Bishop is looking the other way before using your flash.

20 06 2010


20 06 2010

Oh I love your kids. I love when the primary gets up to sing!! Love love love it!

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