Blogging from My Phone: Day 2

19 06 2010

Hey, guess what? Blogging from a phone sucks. I don’t care how smart the phone is.

Key points from today:

– Using the correct letters is very important.

– The restrooms at Paris teach you to say naughty things in French.

– large, colorful condoms are great toys for kids!

– Hypocrisy is really annoying.

– If I warn you in advance that I snore, you don’t get to complain when it turns out I wasn’t kidding.

– Frozen virgins are expensive.

I’m so excited to be back on a real computer tomorrow!




6 responses

21 06 2010

i’m worried that you’ve gotten too far into this human sacrifice thing. frozen virgins? a bit much, i think.

20 06 2010
Elizabeth Gessel

What’s a frozen virgin?

19 06 2010

Jenny, what are you doing buying frozen virgins? Do you have some sacrifices you need to make?

19 06 2010
Whatever DeeDee Wants

Blogging from a phone does suck!
Learning naughty things in French just may come in handy some day. Who knows ?

19 06 2010
Kristina P.

I wish I could stay at the Paris with you, and take a romantic gondola ride.

19 06 2010

On a phone here too, and I just painstakingly typed a comment, then hit a button and it was gone…. doh… damn phone…

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