Please Forgive Me

10 06 2010

No, seriously. Forgive me. I know I’ve left the story at a point where it’s inexcusable to take a breather (especially since my last post was Wordless Wednesday) and you’re going to hate me for begging off tonight. Hopefully you’ll still come back to read the rest. For now, I’m falling asleep at the keyboard and I can’t type a thoughtful post if I can’t keep my eyes open.  It would read something like this: I was sad. I used drugs. It was bad. I stopped using drugs. The end.

You see why I can’t write this tonight, right?

But because I love you, I will leave you with a Big G moment.

As many of you know, Big G has some OCD and some sensory issues. One of the many things this means in my life is that he likes to have his clothes warmed up in the dryer before putting them on. I know. Pretty soon I’ll have to separate out the green M&Ms.

I’ve been trying to wean him from the warm clothes thing, but it’s a slow process. Last week we were getting ready to go to his friend’s house, and he refused to put on his clothes because they weren’t warm.

Big G: “Mom, these aren’t warm!”
Me: “Do you want to go to Bob’s house or not?”
Big G: “I want to go to Bob’s house!”
Me: “Then I recommend you put your clothes on.”
Big G: “Well I recommend you put my clothes in the dryer!”

Dude. No.

It was one of those moments when you think, “Did he really just say that?” and you want to laugh, but you need to be the parent so you try really, really hard to keep it in.

FYI, I did not put his clothes in the dryer. Advantage, mom.




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14 06 2010
Erika Hill

Peter! I wanted to be the first to make the Seinfeld reference! Now I don’t feel as clever…oh well. Congratulations on having a little Kramer on your hands.

11 06 2010

Well, whatever you do, don’t put Big G’s clothes in a pizza oven. That will NOT turn out well.

Free calzone to whomever names that show.

12 06 2010

Should I answer? Or leave it to others?

FYI, socks in the microwave – not the best idea ever. I’m just sayin’.

11 06 2010

I too love warm clothes, but definite score for you for getting him dressed without warm clothes. Congrats 🙂

11 06 2010

I cheat a teeny tiny bit–I tell him I’ll warm them up on his body. This involves a lot of hugs. 🙂

10 06 2010

Just wanted to let you know I have been reading and thinking aout you alot. Give Big G a big love for me and I hope I can get over to visit with you soon. I do want you to know how Highly I have ALWAYS thought of you. Your honesty is so amazing and I love how incredibly hard you can make me laugh. I am glad you are my friend. Just thought you may want to know!

10 06 2010

You are awesome and he is adorable!

10 06 2010

Oh, and way to stick to your guns.

10 06 2010

My daughter has started saying stuff like that to me lately and I’m like, “Wha!? Where did you learn to turn things like that?”

12 06 2010

It’s like having little tiny teenagers! Why did nobody warn us about this?

10 06 2010

It doesn’t seem to get much better when they hit teenage years. I told my oldest that she would not be going out in the shorts that she had on as I viewed them to be too short. I was immediately met with the comment “Who do you think you are telling me what to wear?”…. I quickly replied, “I am your mother and the owner the pinking shears that will redesign the shorts and curb your desire to ever wear them again.” They used to fit but not anymore.

10 06 2010

I love Big G!!!

10 06 2010

LOL, this is so funny! Robert imitates his father so well too. When we laugh he gets upset with us. They are so cute!

I’m a chicken! I started comments for the last few posts, but never finished them or posted them.

I want to encourage you to keep writing. A few years ago I wrote a blog and wrote about my deepest fears. It was a healing experience. I learned that what I feared of wasn’t that bad and that there are others out there that are going through similar stuff or that could help.

I’m a lurker, but please know that I’m reading and crying and laughing with you. Thanks for writing! You are doing a great thing!

12 06 2010

Ileana, I can’t believe I missed this comment! Thank you so much for your encouragement (and for virtually stalking me).

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