I Love My Job

5 06 2010

Okay, first of all, I’d like to say that my last post was at least twice as long as what showed up here. I have no clue what happened to the rest of it (painstakingly typed on an itty-bitty keyboard, no less). This is what happens when I trust a $2 app with my precious words. In fact, I’m pretty sure I had the secret to unending happiness in there, but now it’s gone. And no, I don’t remember it. I don’t even remember whether or not I washed my hair today. Shut up. I had a blood clot in my brain–what’s your excuse?

I worked 12 hours on Friday (split between two different pharmacies). I have to say, as much as I complain about certain aspects of pharmacy work, there are times I end up giggling like a Japanese schoolgirl.

Friday morning, a doctor called in a prescription for a patient (we’ll call him…I dunno…Bob). The drug? Cialis. Bob’s wife–we’ll call her Mary–came in to pick up the prescription, which was $175 for 10 tablets. Since this was a new prescription, Mary opted to buy three pills, which led to this fantastic moment:

Pharmacist: “Three pills is a good way to go since it’s a new prescription. He can try them out and if you like it…I mean, if he likes it…I mean…anyway, you can pick up more if you need to.”


Later on, Larry (not his real name, but I already used Bob) came in for a prescription. He started telling us about going to lunch with his son at a Chinese restaurant. Apparently an employee (we’ll call him Moe) at the restaurant started harassing the poor 14-year-old kid about having dirty hands. These guys work with asphalt, so their hands will pretty much look dirty no matter how many times they wash them. Moe was getting pretty snippy, the 14-year-old was feeling embarrassed and ashamed, and then Larry stepped in.

Larry explained their jobs and let Moe know that he didn’t appreciate the way his son was treated. A properly chastened Moe apologized profusely to the boy and gave them a free appetizer as a gesture of good will.

HA! I’m totally kidding. Larry got in Moe’s face, heated words were exchanged, and Larry threatened to punch Moe in the face. I’m unsure about the sequence of events here (I was trying to count pills and listen in at the same time), but when it comes down to it, all you need to know is how Larry ended the story (and how I’m going to end today’s post):

“So I ripped the toupee off his head, threw it on the ground, and stomped on it.”

*For the small population of men who read my blog, I offer this disclaimer: We never, ever mock our patients for getting ED medications. Like, ever. We may joke around about the drugs themselves, but please know that we don’t view you any differently for using them. We do, however, feel a little sheepish saying, “Have a good night!” even though it’s what we say to all our customers.

**Except that one guy in my church who picked up Viagra. That was totally creepy and I’ll never be able to look at him the same again.




6 responses

7 06 2010

I WANT TO KNOW THE IDENTITY OF THE VIAGRA CUSTOMER! but your pharmacy code of honor probably prohibits you from revealing the identity of said customer.

6 06 2010

LOL Very funny…Yeah I’ve actually told a guy once picking up Viagra “Have a Good night” then i quickly realized what I did. Kind of smerked…and well he has forgiven me but still..I felt so dumb!

6 06 2010

I was really hoping the Chinese restaurant story was going to end with Larry two-finger-gouging Moe right in the eyes, and lots of
“nyuck, nyuck, nyuck”-ing, but the toupee stomping bit was an acceptable substitute for hilarity.

6 06 2010
Kristina P.

I would totally mock and judge.

6 06 2010

LOL! I can see many awkward exchanges for that particular type of drug. 🙂

Loving the toupee stomping too.

6 06 2010

Hee! You probably see all sorts of funny things at a job like that. Yeah, I’d feel a little weird seeing the guy from church, too.

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