Hiding in the Bathroom

27 05 2010

So I’m sitting here waiting for the first event at the Casual Blogger Conference to start. And–here’s the shocker–I’m not hiding in the bathroom. Yet.

Of course, I am sitting here typing, which probably discourages human contact. But cut me some slack–it hasn’t officially started yet. Stop judging me.

Since I’m at this fabulous Girls’ Night Out (the opening event), I won’t be doing a soul-searching post today. Or even putting up obscene cookie pictures. I know this must be hard, but if you just hang in there, you’ll be okay.

To tide you over, I’ll tell you about yesterday’s pharmacy customer and why I want to punch her in the face. If you’re my friend on Facebook, you probably recognize that I pretty much want to punch everyone in the face this week, so you’d best not cross me.

This woman came to the pharmacy to pick up her Cymbalta. Cymbalta is a fairly new (translation: ridiculously expensive) antidepressant that can also be used for pain management. She picked up 90 capsules, which would cost almost $500 without insurance.

Do you see where this is going?

“$22?! Why is my copay so high?”


Honestly, people. If you don’t like your copay, I’m more than happy to charge you the full price. More than happy.

That is all. Now it’s time for this thing to start, so I need to find the nearest hiding place bathroom.




6 responses

28 05 2010

I wanna be there! I want to meet you!

28 05 2010

I know, Janice! Why didn’t you fly to Utah for this conference? 😉

28 05 2010

I am so glad you were not in the “bathroom” all night … I am so glad I met you ..You are so sweet

28 05 2010

It was really good to meet you, too!

28 05 2010

I’m glad you made it to the opening event and had a good time (at least according to Kristina, which is good enough for me).

27 05 2010
Kristina P.

YOu seemed happy and at east tonight! Yay!

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