What kind of Mother are you?!

24 05 2010

I bought some Mother’s Circus Animal cookies for my kids the other day. I opened the package only to find this:

Is it just me?

And yes, I took a picture of animal cookies because it looked like they were humping. Stop judging me. It’s no less valid than seeing the Virgin Mary in a grilled cheese sandwich.




12 responses

3 06 2010

You are the best Jenny!!!!!!1

31 05 2010

OMG!!! SO FUNNY!!! ;p
Hubby dug up some carrots last year and one he pulled was on the deformed side. Of COURSE he HAD to SHOW ME!!! It was TWO carrots with multiple roots looked like 2 bodies WITH legs intertwined… I RAN to get my camera… and he… (being EVER SO PUBLICLY PROPER… GAH!!) rinsed it, chopped it up and threw it in the pot BEFORE I returned… KNOWING WHAT I wanted to DO with the PICTURE! :`( I was SOOOOooooo…. SAD… LOL!! YOU would have LOVED it!!! =D

28 05 2010

I hope you ate it after 🙂 http://whenredmeansgo.blogspot.com

28 05 2010

Eat it? I framed it, baby! Okay, I didn’t. It’s sitting on my stove because I can’t bring myself to consume its awesomeness.

26 05 2010

If you had saved this pic for worldless Wednesday you could have just used the caption “Happy Hump Day!”

25 05 2010

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!

25 05 2010

Ha ha ha ha ha!!

I can’t wait to see what kind of Google searches you get from this post.

25 05 2010

I wonder how much you could get for it on eBay!

25 05 2010

when you told me about these guys, i wasn’t picturing this. this is straight off the discovery channel! the next time you look in the bag, there will be some sort of unholy camel-buffalo hybrid in there. buffacam? camalo?

25 05 2010
Kristina P.

Did you go looking for those?

25 05 2010

That is awesome. 🙂

25 05 2010

Ah! You just made me laugh so hard! Thanks for sharing.

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