My Other Kid is a Little Weird

12 05 2010

Big G had his neurology appointment today, and guess what? He’s weird. I know! At least now I have medical confirmation.

The “official” diagnosis is complex motor tics. I’m putting official in quotes because these aren’t your average complex motor tics. That would be boring. These are the kind of motor tics that require input from multiple neurologists, all of whom watch the video and say, “Those look like seizures, but you can talk to him, so they can’t be seizures. They don’t really look like what we see in motor tics, but we don’t know what else they could be. E-mail us the videos, we’ll show them around, and if anyone thinks he needs an MRI, we’ll give you a call.”


So at this point we’re going with the “wait-and-see” approach. We’re supposed to go back in four months for a follow-up. (“We normally don’t track kids with motor tics, but since these aren’t really normal, come back so we can see how he’s doing.”)

Please don’t think I’m criticizing the neurologists–they were wonderful. (Also, the resident was younger than me and ridiculously hot.) And I’m certainly not at all unhappy with the diagnosis they’ve reached, or the path we’re taking. (One of my favorite quotes: “Since you’re not a basket case, we probably won’t worry about treating the tics.” Hee.)

But…can’t we do something in an average, easy-to-classify manner?

Meh. Normal is overrated, right? Someday I’ll be able to tell Big G he’s always been weird exceptional–just like his mom.




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13 05 2010

I was having a conversation with a co-worker (who has a black eye) this morning and he said, “If people see a big guy with a black eye, they think he got in a fight but when you see a little guy with a black eye, you just think he fell or it was an accident.” I said, “No, for me it’s the other way around.” He said, “You don’t think like a “normal” person.” I replied, “I sure as hell hope not. That would suck to be or think like everyone else. What a sad existence!”

I’m glad Big G saw someone and that you got some sort of an answer…that has to bring you a little peace of mind. But I’m with you…what is normal? And if normal is being like everyone else in the room, I’ll take being weird any day. Weird is at least interesting.

13 05 2010
Kristina P.

Oh, wow. I guess there’s the relief of at least having a diagnosis. It’s not autism, right?

13 05 2010

Last year when we were doing a round of tests for my oldset (trying to figure out why he lost his speech) I finally came to the same conclusion – “normal” is boring.

You are lucky that your Drs didn’t freak you out. We heard everything from autism (don’t even get me started on how much I HATE how that diagnosis is thrown around so easily. If a Dr. or a therapist can’t figure something out then it must be autism, right?) to seizures, and told that he was never going to be “normal”. A year later he is just fine, and I wonder why I worried so much in the first place.

13 05 2010

Pardon the swear but what the hell is “normal” anyway? I’m glad that the basket was not the case. He’s adorable no matter what!

13 05 2010

Good point. I don’t know why I keep trying to find/define “normal.” I’m pretty sure whatever it is, it’s pretty boring.

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