I’m Brick Tamland’s Mom

11 05 2010

Just before I take Big G back to bed, Car always says, “Goodnight, I love you.” Sometimes Big G answers, other times, he’s totally oblivious.

Tonight seems like a totally oblivious night until we get halfway back to his room and he says, “I heard dad.” I’m not sure where he’s going with this, so I ask, “Well, why didn’t you tell him you love him too?”

“Because I don’t love dad.”

I harbor a lot of guilt over being the favorite parent. I realize I have no control over it, but I still feel bad about how obviously Big G favors me. At the same time, I’m pretty sure it’s not true that he doesn’t love Car, so I decide to investigate this a little more thoroughly.

Me: “Why don’t you love dad?”
Big G: “Because I love you.”
Me: “But you love dad too, right?”
Big G: “No. I just love you.”
Me (getting a little frustrated): “I love you, but I also love Little G and daddy.”
Big G: “I don’t love dad.”
Me: “I love you and Little G and daddy and grandma and grandpa and Uncle Peter, all at the same time.”
Big G: “I love you and Little G and grandma and grandpa and Uncle Peter and Andrew. But not daddy.”

At this point I’m becoming rather concerned that some sort of serious relationship repair needs to happen between Big G and Car.

Me: “I think you do love daddy.”
Big G: “I love my fish lamp.”

I’m not making that up. Big G just channeled Brick Tamland.

In his defense, it is a pretty cool lamp.

I decided to let it go. He’s only four, and I’m pretty sure he doesn’t hate his dad. Right?

*Pediatric Neurology appointment tomorrow. Wish us luck.




3 responses

13 05 2010

way to tie-in “anchorman”. who doesn’t love a great lamp?

12 05 2010

Once again, G is HILARIOUS!! I was lucky with Naomi cause (literally) since the day she was born she has been a complete Daddy’s girl. Granted, when she is sick, or tired, or anything other than bliss all she wants is me…but I am pretty sure that is mommyhood for you! It’s been hard for D with Airdree cause she is a super mommy’s girl. Poor baby huh?

12 05 2010

It must be normal because Jesse says that about Randle all the time. I basically did and say similar things to him about loving others at the same time. I asked him what he would do if he thought daddy didn’t love him, Jesse said he would be sad cause he loves me and wants daddy to love him too. I said would you be sad if daddy wasn’t here here anymore or you had a different daddy? Jesse agreed that would be sad and he’d miss him that he’d cry. For a 4 year old, he understood that he did love his dad, but like I said, it has taken me a couple of months of explaining how we feel about each other. And when he gets excited about Randle coming home from work and spending time with him and when he is sad when daddy leaves to go to work, that that is loving someone.

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