Methinks He Doth Protest Too Much

10 05 2010

I love the opinion pages. Nothing warms the cockles of my tiny, cold heart better than reading the ramblings of idiots.

I recently found this beauty: Stand up against legalization. Go ahead and read it. You’ll find my favorite part in about 10 seconds.

I’ll wait here until you’re done.


Found it?

Dude. “Artificial male devises” would be an awesome band name. I’m just sayin’.




6 responses

13 05 2010
artificial male devices

i’m going to start calling gay men “anal sex-havers”, and lesbians “male device-users”. who’s with me?

11 05 2010

The best part of the whole thing is he keeps talking about calling it for what it is and not beating around the bush with the words, yet he can’t say vibrator!!!! Am I allowed to post that here?

11 05 2010

*snort* beating around the bush… *tee hee*

11 05 2010
Erika Hill

I hate it when anything raises its ugly head. Just sayin’.

This is one of many reasons (clutter was the main one) that we stopped taking the Daily Herald. I’m all for standing up for your morals, but not in such a “I’m right, and EVERYONE ELSE IS WRONG AND IS RUINING THE COUNTRY” sort of way.

11 05 2010

Thanks for making the ugly head joke so I didn’t have to.

The one thing I do love Arizona for? The reassurance that it’s not just Utah that’s filled with narrow-minded people.

I almost linked a letter to the editor comparing illegal aliens to marijuana smokers, but I was afraid my head might explode.

11 05 2010

ummmm, wow. I mean seriously. WOW. I think I am actually lacking sufficient words to comment fully here. (Yep…a miracle to be sure!)

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