Go play outside. Seriously.

4 05 2010

Little G has a speech delay. I don’t think it’s that big a deal. If he hadn’t been born so early (29 weeks, for those just joining my blog), I might not have even noticed or sought help. But he was, and I did, and so here I am with a 2-year-old who has speech therapy. He has about 15-20 words, and doesn’t do any two-word combinations. Again, I’m not terribly stressed about it. That’s not the point of this post.

Oh, you want to know what the point of this post actually is? You people are so demanding. It’s the words he does say.

I find myself filled with overwhelming shame when I admit that out of my child’s 15 words, two of them are “Dora” and–as of this morning–“Wiggles.”

At least they aren’t swear words, right? (Although I have to admit, “Wiggles” kind of comes out like a swear word when I say it.)

The best part of this? I don’t even have cable. Yeah. This is all from watching Sprout and Nick Jr. at Grandma and Grandpa’s house. (Lest it sound like I’m blaming them, please note that I didn’t say we don’t watch TV at our house. Just that we don’t have cable. Obviously PBS Kids isn’t engendering the same sort of devotion in Little G.)

I’m looking forward to warmer weather. This kid really needs to get out more.

*If you’re reading this, thanks for following me over here! Now I don’t have to spend the rest of my day in the fetal position!

**At least, not for reasons related to my blog.

***I took long enough to post this that it’s now Wordless Wednesday. Frick.




8 responses

6 05 2010

i feel like an enabler now, since dora always seems to be on when little g is here. thanks a lot, jenny.

6 05 2010

Um, and just to be clear. We didn’t teach her the S-word. That’s just how she used to say “open and shut.” 😛

7 05 2010

Whatever you need to tell yourself, Stacy. 😉

6 05 2010

Count your blessings. News story this evening: Grandmother of an 18month old girl was thrown in jail for hitting her granddaughter across the face. Why? Because the baby was swearing at the Grandma. After Grandma got out of jail, she said that if the baby swears at her again, she’ll get slapped again.

After hearing that story, I thought, “Wow! It’s good I don’t have issues like that with my grandkids.” Dora is a lot better than ______.

7 05 2010

Maybe that poor little girl was trying to sing “The Wheels on the Bus.” Poor thing. 😉

5 05 2010

Elliot Reed! Elliot Reed! I should totally use the word “frick” more. Teach that one to Little G next.

Am I allowed to swear on your blog? Okay, here goes.

Kate used to sing (oh so sweetly in the back of church), “The doors on the bus go . . . ” (oh no, not open and shut) “oh shit! oh shit! oh shit! The doors on the bus go oh shit all through the town!”

And don’t get me started on Maxim’s very loud one-syllable pronunciation of “Forklift!”

5 05 2010

Ava asked me this morning, “Mom, why are you so pissed off?” Mother of the year over here! Her first word was dog and we don’t even have one…go figure. And Wiggles is a great word to add to the vocabulary because really it’s two words. It’s Wiggles the show and wiggles like wiggles around. So now I think you can say he has 16 words.

5 05 2010
Erika Hill

I think that unless a child’s first words are “mom”, “dad”, or “pretentious”, every parent feels a little bit like, “Why that? Why?” My first word was sock. My niece’s first word was pig. I expect our child’s first word to be “batman”, “x-men”, or “crap”.

The Dora thing, however, it a little unfortunate. Sorry.

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