Dog Not Included

9 04 2010

As we drove home tonight, Muffin and I passed a house that had one of those tiny dog pens in the yard–the kind you see by Wal-Mart, filled with sad little puppies looking for a home. This pen, however, was not inhabited by dogs. At least, not the live variety. It was filled with stuffed dogs.

I admit, the sight of this filled me with such inexplicable glee that when we reached our house, I made Muffin run inside to get the camera so we could drive back and take a picture. Because really, who’s going to believe there’s a pen full of stuffed dogs in somebody’s yard if I don’t have photographic evidence, right?

By the time we got back, somebody had put a real dog in the pen. Where’s the fun in that? And why the stuffed dogs? So the real one won’t be lonely? But that’s beside the point. As we drove past, there was a little girl half inside the pen with the dog. She was around 7 years old, a cute little redhead. She was also in serious need of a belt.

So Muffin and I are cruising past, camera ready, and there’s this little girl with her pants practically half off her butt, and Muffin says, “Yeah, I don’t think I’m going to take a picture of that.”

I wish I could describe just how hilarious that moment was. I realize as I’m writing that the retelling is nowhere near as funny as the actual experience (as is usually the case). It was one of those moments where I’m reminded how fantastic Muffin is and how well his personality complements mine. After all, how many men would’ve run in for the camera in the first place? (Although a couple of weeks ago he refused to follow a car so I could get a picture of a ridiculously inappropriate rear-view mirror ornament. Party pooper.)

Of course, I had to circle the block to see if the girl would go inside so I could get my picture of the now-live dog and his little inanimate friends. She was still there, and Muffin said in a high-pitched voice, “That car keeps circling the block,” which made me collapse in giggles again.

I enjoy remembering why I stole him from my roommate.

FYI, after about 30 minutes, I went back again to see if I could get a picture. This time, the pen was empty. I find this sequence of events baffling. I might have to go back tomorrow.

Obsessive? Me? Bite your tongue.




5 responses

11 04 2010

the redhead was an evil leprechaun who set this whole thing up just to screw with you.

10 04 2010

See? I knew I wasn’t crazy. I bet you guys would drive after the Corvette with the breast-shaped fuzzies hanging over the rear-view mirror so I could get a picture.

10 04 2010
Kristina P.

I would definitely do a stake out.

10 04 2010

That is so funny and weird! I saw the coolest pair of billboards on my drive to New Mexico- against my better judgment I didn’t stop. I’m hoping to see them again on the way back so I can get a picture.

10 04 2010

I’m sure the sneaking around to do something funny contributed to the giggles, but it helps that your husband (I can’t bring myself to call him Muffin, sorry) is a good guy. 🙂

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