Bits and Pieces

28 03 2010

It’s late and I’m tired, so today I’m going to provide you with this gem of a letter. Sadly, I’m pretty sure he’s not being sarcastic. Equally sad (but still hilarious)? The fact that letters like this are a daily thing for the Salt Lake Tribune.

Also, if you need another laugh, check out this awesome story. If giving CPR to roadkill doesn’t convince you to join AA, nothing will.

Save me!

For those wondering why I was pantomiming breastfeeding to a hispanic man–he was picking up medications for a woman who’d just had a baby. The medication order called for Lansinoh, a lanolin cream which breastfeeding mothers are sometimes given at the hospital. I was trying to clarify that a) she hadn’t already gotten it and b) she really was breastfeeding and needed it. This all led to me pantomiming and saying, “para dolor,” (for pain) which is one of the few Spanish phrases I’ve managed to pick up at work.

Never say I’m not dedicated to our customers.




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