Dear Huggies

25 03 2010

I appreciate Pull-Ups. Really, I do. They make me feel like I’m making some sort of progress on the potty-training front, even though all I’ve really done is put my child in a less-absorbent diaper that he can take off himself.

I just have one itty-bitty complaint. If you show a picture on the package of Lightning McQueen Pull-Ups, could you perhaps actually have Lightning McQueen Pull-Ups in the package? I know that sounds like a small thing. Really, for many children, it probably is a small thing. After all, Buzz and Woody are pretty cool too, right? (Although I have to stifle the giggles every time I tell my son to “Go get a Woody Pull-Up.” But I’m pretty sure I have the maturity level of a 14-year-old boy, so it’s all good.)

Ahem. My point is, when you’re dealing with a child who has a meltdown when his sheets are changed (“I need the light blue sheets! Where are my light blue sheets?!”), a Pull-Up discrepancy is a disaster of epic proportions. My mornings are hard enough without spending 10 minutes coaxing my son into his Pull-Up.

I recommend you address this problem ASAP, or I’ll have to switch to the Pampers Easy-Ups. After all, they have Diego.*

Yours Truly,

Mom on the verge of a nervous breakdown

*I’m so very sad that I know this.



2 responses

30 03 2010

Are you telling me that the Pull-up package I just purchased with Cars logos all over it will not have Cars characters in it? I will be stuck with the same Woody (giggle, giggle) and Buzz that I had two plus years ago? Great! Maybe he won’t remember who was on the package. Do you think I’m that lucky?

26 03 2010
Erika Hill

There are few things worse than underwear let down.

And I miss the cartoon character days. Sort of. Now that I think about it, it’s kind of weird to have any likeness of a human down in that region. Maybe a car would be okay.

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